Each child can have one child restraint system (car seats, booster seats) checked free of charge.

You can check-in or gate check a stroller for your little one by paying a baby equipment fee between $29-$39.  Standard baggage fees apply over and above the limit. Weight allowance of 50lbs per piece applies.

Can a child use a booster seat on the plane?

A child can use a car seat or booster seat, but it must be airline approved. If you are checking it in , the equipment does not need to be airline approved. Check for the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard sticker. The booster must have the five point harness system.

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Is a child restraint system considered a personal item or carry-on bag?


Child restraint systems do not count towards your baggage allowance. One item per child is allowed and they must be present at the time of travel.


If I have a stroller with a car seat that detaches, is this considered two separate items? 

In this case the car seat will be free, but the stroller incurs a charge. This includes if they are gate-checked.