Cremated remains can be transported in a traveller’s carry-on or checked baggage. The remains must be sealed in a container suitable for X-ray screening. If the container is made of a material that prevents security screening staff from clearly viewing the contents (e.g. metal, stone, or ceramic) using X-ray equipment, it cannot be accepted in carry-on or checked baggage. Materials that allow security screening equipment to see what is inside (e.g. wood, plastic, or cardboard) are more likely to be accepted. A security screener is not allowed to open a crematory container and will not inspect the contents.

Swoop recommends that cremated human remains are accompanied by:

• an original death certificate

• an original certificate of authenticity of contents, i.e. “Certificate of Cremation”

Swoop recommends that cremated animal remains are accompanied by:

• an original certificate of cremation

• other official written confirmation from a veterinarian stating that the animal has been properly cremated