How can I travel with my musical instrument? 

Bring your instrument onboard with you for faster travel. Musical instruments that meet the combined dimensions of 113 cm (45”) will be considered your carry-on and subject to applicable fees. 

Do I have to pay an oversize fee for my cello/bass/tuba/xylophone/large instrument?   

Musical instruments count towards your baggage allowance and must be paid for. 

If your instrument fits the carry-on size (53 x 23 x 38cm /21 x 9 x15”), you can bring it onboard as a carry-on. If the instrument does not fit these requirements, it may be a checked item. 

Maximum size for checked items is 157cm (62”) total combined dimensions and max. weight: 23kg (50lbs). 

Should I check in my instrument? How can I keep it safe? 

Check your instrument, if possible. To ensure the safety of a larger instrument make sure to have the proper baggage and padding with a ‘fragile’ sticker on the outside. Loosen the strings on your guitar, cello,or any stringed instrument to reduce the risk of the headstock cracking or snapping off with the changes in temperature and pressure of air travel.