Yes. All travellers must have a removable face covering or non-medical mask to cover their mouth and nose for use through the airport and in-flight. This is in addition to proof of vaccination and any other requirements of your departure and destination.  

Please know that Swoop has a zero-tolerance policy for travellers to be wearing masks and face coverings. Any traveller who is non-compliant to the regulation and is unable to produce a medical note will be prohibited from flying with Swoop, including The WestJet Group, for a period of up to 12 months.  Masks must meet Transport Canada guidelines listed here



All travellers must

  • Have a face covering/mask in their possession prior to boarding a flight    
  • Wear their face covering/mask at all times during their flight 
  • Follow the instructions laid out by in-flight crew members about wearing their face covering/mask


Please note that Swoop is not providing masks. All travellers are required to have their own face coverings or mask prior to departure. 

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