How can I redeem my credit?

To redeem your Swoop Credit, the booking must be made by the traveller whose name the Swoop credit is issued. Bookings can be made on and are non-transferable and non-extendable. 

Who is eligible for credit?

You are eligible if you had a flight booked for travel before October 24, 2020 between Canada, the USA and Mexico, or had an existing reservation cancelled or changed by Swoop.         

How do I see my credit?

You can see your credit in your Swoop account, as well as the booking flow the next time you purchase a flight. Visit and sign in by the right top corner. 

When can I use my credit?

Credits must be used within 24 months of being issued, but travel dates can extend beyond the 24-month window.

Can my friend/spouse/mom/dad use my Swoop Credit?

Yes, the account holder can book for a third party. The account holder is not required to be one of the travellers.

What about the extras I purchased?

The value of extras like bags and seats will transfer to the credit. 

Can I use my credit to travel on WestJet?

Although we love our parent company, Swoop is separate from WestJet so the credit cannot transfer.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can click here for all the Ts and Cs.