Good news travels fast! 

We offer service at Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 3. 

These new operations have a mix of domestic and international routes. 

Something on your mind? Here's some FAQs:

Does this mean you are leaving Hamilton?

Nope! We are continuing to serve Hamilton. We feel that this is still a market that Swoop has served well and still has lots of opportunities for us.

Is Toronto more expensive?

Not necessarily, some aspects of operating into Pearson Airport may be more expensive compared to other airports, but there are also significant advantages. We remain committed to keeping our costs as low as possible and offer Canadians affordable and accessible air travel with our ultra-low fares.

Can I move a flight from Hamilton to Toronto or vice versa?

No, as an ultra-low cost carrier, we are staying true to our model and providing point-to-point service. We will also not offer connecting flights at this time. 

Why is there so much flying from Toronto?  

Looking towards Swoop's recovery, we are exploring every avenue that will allow us to bring affordable travel to Canadians. YYZ is Canada's largest airport, and as we begin to operate out of there, it will help us to seek out new market opportunities. 

Which terminal do you fly out of in Toronto?

We fly out of Terminal 3.