Need a little extra assistance? We’re here for you. Swoop understands the unique challenges associated with developmental, cognitive, behavioral or psychiatric conditions and we’re happy to help if you need a little extra assistance.

All special requests, including Meet and Assist services, require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice before departure so that we can provide the appropriate assistance to make sure your journey is enjoyable.

Here’s a few of the things we can help with:

  • Checking in;

  • Transit through the airport to the baggage carousel, to the exterior entrance of a washroom, and/or to a taxi stand, car rental kiosk or shuttle service;

  • Accessing, boarding and exiting the aircraft;

  • Retrieving your baggage at the baggage carousel or onboard.

There are a few things we can’t assist with, including:

  • Help eating, drinking or taking medication.

  • Assistance into or in the restrooms or any other form of personal assistance.

  • Buckling your seatbelt.

Travellers with a disability who are travelling alone must be able to perform these actions independently during travel, without outside help.

Travellers with developmental, cognitive, behavioral or psychiatric conditions must also be able to receive and understand cabin crew’s safety instructions during the flight.

If you require Meet and Assist services, please send an email to to ensure the most appropriate level of accommodation is received based on your specific needs. Please include your full name, reservation code, and phone number in the email.

The Meet and Assist Service as described above, is only for travellers with developmental, cognitive, behavioral or psychiatric conditions and does not include first time flyers, young travellers flying by themselves, language barriers, etc.