Do I need a COVID test to fly?

The short answer - yes if you are leaving/returning to Canada, no if you are travelling within Canada. 

If you are travelling to Canada from another country, all travellers 5 years of age and older will require a negative molecular COVID test 72 prior to your departure, regardless of if you are vaccinated or not. As well, you will need to take another COVID test upon landing. For more information, see

If you are travelling within Canada, you likely do not require a COVID test. However, some provinces do not allow discretionary travel and/or require you to self-isolate for 14 days upon entry. Please check with the province you are travelling to for their latest requirements. 

If you are travelling internationally, many countries require a negative COVID-19 test for entrance. It’s always best to get the latest information for testing requirements – including the time requirement and type of test (molecular or antigen) – directly from the country you are travelling to. You can also get more information from the International Air Transport Authority’s interactive map on entry requirements: