Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra help. Please review your options below:

Chat with an agent on social media

The best way to connect, 24/7

First meet Donna, our chatbot. She’s always learning and knows all things Swoop. Available 24/7 with no waiting on hold, get the info you need by asking her short questions. If Donna can't help, ask for one of her human colleagues.

Some examples of when to chat with us:

  • You have a general question not found on the web
  • Your flight was changed and you can't self-serve via email
  • You need to change a spelling error on your reservation
  • You'd like help with booking, need special assistance, or lost a bag

E-mail us

We are working through a high volume of messages. To get everyone on their way, we won’t respond to questions if the information is available on our website. We know it's a big site, so if you don't have time to look or need urgent help, ask Donna our chatbot. She knows all things Swoop!

Some examples of when to message us:

  • You have missing/damaged luggage and have already filed a report at the airport
  • You require special assistance
  • You have a request regarding Air Passenger Protection Rights
  • You'd like to pass on feedback