You’re gearing up for your trip and it’s time to pack your carry on! First off, decide what you will need to stay entertained, comfortable, and relaxed for the duration of your flight. You also must factor in what is allowed through airport security. Read below for a quick guide.

Personal item vs. carry-on
First off, Swoop allows one personal item for FREE onboard. This means a purse, briefcase, small backpack, or something similar that can be stowed under your seat no more than 16” x 6” x 13”. 

A carry-on is a little bit larger, max 21” x 9” x 15”, and must be able to be stowed in the overhead bin onboard the aircraft. Pack light and bring a personal item on for free, otherwise you can purchase a carry-on or even a larger checked bag online. Check here for details and pricing. 

Everyone travels differently, and in order to offer the lowest possible fares we let you pay for only what you need to bring.  Why pay more to get a free carry-on bag that you might not need? Save big on your fare instead and purchase a carry-on if it's essential to your adventure.  

Stay entertained
Carefully pack up your tablet, mobile phone, and/or laptop. Security will most likely check these items out.  Make sure to keep any laptops accessible, as you will be asked to take them out for inspection when going through security.  Don’t forget your chargers, plus a good set of head phones. Swoop's Boeing 737-800 aircraft have a USB and 110-volt AC charging ports so you stay AMPed all flight.  Heads up - the Boeing 737 MAX does not yet have charging ports, so an extra battery is a good idea. 

Swoop offers in-flight WiFi packages for purchase so you can stay connected for work or play. Inflight WiFi does not allow you to stream video, so we suggest you download your favourite bingeworthy show before you takeoff.  Want to hop off the digital train? Nothing beats a good book.

Creature comforts

Depending on the length of your flight, you may want a snooze before you land. Invest in a travel pillow with good support, ear plugs and an eye mask. Wake up and buy some snacks and drinks or dive into your own snack stash, and don’t forget a travel toothbrush. Swoop offers water bottles for purchase, or you can bring a collapsible water bottle and fill it up after going through security. Click here to see the entire Swoop onboard menu and what is available for purchase.  


Keep your passport/I.D, important documents, phone, medication and money close by. Pack these items in the outer pocket of your backpack, so they’re easily within reach.

Other stuff

As a general rule, anything that is a liquid has to be less than 100ml (except for breast milk, infant food or formula). Keep it in a clear plastic resealable bag so it can be checked quickly. Check out the Canadian Transportation Agency’s website here for what else you can bring.

No-go on the plane

Prohibited items include all weapons, objects with sharp edges, explosive substances and liquids over 100ml. Check out the the tool here for what isn’t allowed.

Happy travels!