Swoop’s ultra-low fares make it easy to bring your whole family on an adventure! Pack up and head towards the sunset – or at least to visit grandma – and take into consideration these tips along the way.

Book and purchase your assigned seats early

Swoop is committed to helping families sit together on their trip. We’ll do our best to sit your group together for free at check-in, however, you can still purchase a seat in order to customize exactly where you sit. If you choose to purchase a seat, accompanying children's seating is free in the Family Zone. Book your flight on our website to see available seating, and you can even upgrade to more legroom!

Leave extra time to get through security

Whether someone loses a shoe or security needs to open a bag, allow some buffer time for when you head to the airport. You’ll need to check in, get through security, perhaps buy some snacks or drinks and board the plane. Check out our handy guide for when to arrive at the airport. Click here.  

Bring the proper I.D

Travellers of all ages require identification that matches the name and spelling on their ticket. For travel within Canada, Infants (under two years of age) require proof of age, such as a birth certificate (a photocopy is acceptable). We strongly recommend that all children travel with one piece of government-issued identification. Visit here for more info.

Give your children your contact info

On the off chance that you are separated for any reason, you’ll want your kids to be able to get in touch. Write down a note with your name, phone number, address, flight number, and even the address of where you’re going.

Dress for success

Visiting somewhere warm? Don't forget to pack the family a few layers, as planes can be chilly. A sweater or a cardigan can also double as a pillow or blanket in a pinch.

Travel with the creature comforts

In your carry-on bring some games, electronics, crossword puzzles, gum, medicine, and food for hungry tummies.  Swoop also offers a selection of snacks, drinks, and WiFi for purchase on board. If your kids are younger, bring plenty of wipes, diapers and essentials. If your kids are older let them oversee family photos and journaling.

Baby on wheels

Each child can have one restraint system (car seat or booster seat) checked for free. You can check in a stroller for your little one by paying a baby equipment fee between $29-$39. The weight allowance is 50lbs per piece. Need more info about child equipment?  Click here